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Inclusive Academy aims to give people who do not always get the opportunities to enjoy music, movement and most of all, dance, the time to benefit from all three. 

Our class is designed so that everyone, no matter your ability, can participate and have fun!


Ellie Mae Andrews


Dance has always been my passion. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and have been trained in all styles from ballet, to tap, to street, to contemporary. I attended a performing arts college for my A-levels and got offers to multiple performing arts colleges to further my training, including Bodyworks Company, Centre Pac, and MEPA.


However, growing up with a disabled sister who loves dance and performing has always made me feel passionately about inclusive dance (especially when she couldn’t do it anymore because it got too difficult). Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to dance, be free, and have fun! That is why I decided to become a ParaDanceUK affiliated instructor and share my dance knowledge and experience with those who don’t often get the opportunity. 

Alongside all of this, I have volunteered and am now a learning support assistant at a PNI (physically and neurologically impaired) school which has furthered my knowledge on different disabilities and how we can all support each other. I have also been basic life saving and British sign language trained through this school. This school has also made me understand the importance of PEC's and symbols, so I have access to Imprint should any child or young person need these for support. 


So, let’s get dancing!


Faye Andrews


I have always loved dancing and the feeling of happiness it gives me. I danced with a dance school from the age of 3 until I was 11, learning ballet, tap and modern, but then I had to stop because it got too difficult with my disability. 


I thought that me having to stop dancing with my dance school was completely unfair. I also couldn't find any accessible dance schools near me that offered just dance as I didn't want to act or sing. That is why I am a volunteer at Inclusive Academy. I don’t want anyone else to have to stop, or not even be able to start, dancing just because of there ability! 


We all deserve to dance!

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