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1pm to 1:30pm - Sensory Movement Class for all ages

1:30pm to 2:15pm - Accessible Dance Class for all ages

2:15pm to 3pm - Advanced Dance Class for all ages

Stevenage Community Arts Centre, Roaring Meg Retail Park, Stevenage, SG1 1XN

A bit more detail...


Sensory Movement Class

In our sensory movement class, we use props and repetition to explore movement. We use a range of props and music to explore how we can move props in different ways, and how different music changes the way and speed of how we move.

This class is suitable for everyone of all abilities and can be adapted where necessary. 

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Accessible Dance Class

In our accessible dance class, we learn lots of short, easy to follow routines. We explore the use of props, partner work, and choreographing our own routines. We also learn a longer routine each Autumn and Summer term to perform to our parents, carers, friends, etc. 


This class is fully adaptable and suitable for anyone . 


Advanced Dance Class

This class is the next step from our accessible dance class.

In our advanced class, we learn a longer routine each week developing our technique in different styles. This is done whilst having fun and developing our performance skills. 

This class can be adapted for all abilities, whether you are ambulant, use a fame or walker, or are in a manual or power wheelchair. 

Easter break: Saturday 6th April 2024 & Saturday 13th April 2024


Summer term

First lesson: Saturday 20th April 2024

Last lesson: Saturday 18th May 2024

Half term: Saturday 25th May 2024

First lesson: Saturday 1st June 2024

Last lesson: Saturday 20th July 2024

Summer break: Saturday 27th July 2024 - Saturday 31st August 2024

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Upcoming events

Accessible Class Summer Showcase

During our lesson on 6th July 2024!

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